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Collect customer feedback vía mobile survey, improve service quality

Mobile Surveys - quality testing, customer feedback

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Mobile feedback and web pages

mobile survey

Surveys, mobile websites customized to be perfectly displayed on the mobile device screen and on-line statistics in addition. All those things you could create and use in Scoreit in simple and intuitive way. Moreover surveys and mobile websites in the Scoreit system are supporting language versions and can be displayed on tablets situated on the elegant stands i.e. in the hotel's lobby.

Mobile social marketing

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Would you like to gain new fans on your company's fanpage? Would you like to simply share some information about your company, address, some photos in the attractive way in mobile business card available via QR code? You have just found a perfect solution to do that - Scoreit.

Mobile selling and loyalty program

mobile surveys - quality testing, customer feedback

Would you like to develop customers loyalty? But you are afraid of all those stamps, plastic cards etc? Great you have just found simple solution. Scoreit allows you to start loyalty program for your customers in 30 seconds! In addition if you are the owner of the gastronomy business you can allow your customers to ordering meals online - Scoreit support all process of the on-line ordering including mobile payments.

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